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water dropFirst Course:
April 3 – May 8

Second Course:
May 22 – June 26

The cost for the second course is $70

Announcing two online TSK courses for Spring 2016:
These classes are for anyone interested in TSK
– Please Join Us!

We’ve had a break of several months since the Two-Year TSK Program ended. For me, it’s been a chance to reflect on the best way to move forward.

During this break, I thought quite a bit about space and the notion of a field. That is the general area I want to explore in this new two term-sequence.


When we want to understand our experience, or when we ask how to break through limits, we typically think of a certain set of questions as fundamental: What is real? How do I know? What can I rely on?

The TSK vision asks different questions—surprising questions. For instance, it asks, Where I am located? Where do thoughts appear? What is the connection between ‘me’ and ‘my experience’?

The ‘dirty secret’ of everyday reality is that we have already accepted answers to these questions, answers we take for granted. Our lives are shaped by those answers. So if our answers change, the way we live will change too.

The TSK Vision—and this course—is about stimulating those changes. Our focus will be the field of experience—the space in which we live. We will do our best to base our inquiry on our immediate experience.

How the Program Works

The second course, six weeks long, will start May 22nd. We will follow the same format: an online meeting on Sundays, 9 AM PST, with the sessions recorded and available for review.

Reading for the first week:
Will be posted when it is available.

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