What is Creative Inquiry

To deal with the problems we face today, we need more than new knowledge. We need new ways of knowing. That is what creative inquiry is about.

Creative inquiry challenges our limits without going on the attack. It heals without settling for the status quo, and it cares without falling into attachment or sentimentality. It asks questions with global significance, but it starts with the self and with experience, because our own being is what we know first, best, and always.

Creative inquiry does not aim at answers. Instead, it looks at the process of knowing, exploring the mind in action. It stays with the unnamed and makes itself at home in the unknown. Available in every field of knowledge, it asks how we learn and how we close down learning, how we settle for the presupposed and how we can transcend what everyone takes for granted.

Once we realize that it is possible to ask the basic questions that everyone has learned to ignore, creative inquiry comes naturally. Its questions are the questions that matter to us as individuals and as human beings:

  • How can we know, and what can we rely on?
  • How can we make the best use of our human capacities for awareness, caring, and insight?
  • What values shall we pursue? Toward what aim shall we live?
  • How can we live in harmony, expanding our opportunities and our vision of what is possible?

Creative Inquiry is for teachers and students, academics and professionals, business people and artists, activities and innovators – for anyone who knows deep down that when we ask the right questions, our spirits soar and we come more fully alive. It questions in ways that transcend boundaries and invite connection.

At CCI we want people to fall in love with learning, to get excited about what knowledge offers, We want to create communities of inquiry eager to explore the questions that move them most. We want to educate a new generation that can change our world. We want a world where the head can experience what the heart feels, and the mind can discover what the body knows, where knowledge is always new. We want us all to akajen to our birthright as free, knowledgable beings able to expand our horizons beyond what you or I can imagine.

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